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Hello! I'm Christine


I am a fulltime natural light  photographer located out of Sarasota Florida,  traveling all over to document, capture, and create moments in time. I started in 2010, taking pictures for a small photography class. Next thing you know, I was winning awards, my work was being hung in museums, colleges and I was even booking weddings while in high school. The Lord started opening doors, and I kept walking through them. Shoot after shoot, I feel in love with the joy that came from capturing moments in time.

From there, I went to Southeastern University and Graduated in April 2017.  I have been running my business FULL TIME EVER SINCE! People always ask me if I have a back up plan. The answer to that question is “NO”. I did not want to look back in 20 years and wished I had not walked in fear, but instead I decide to take huge leaps of faith and jump into the photography world feet first.

On that note, after graduating I had the blessing of reconnecting with my best friend, in my hometown who is now the love of my life. We are getting married on on November 24th, 2018.




I have worked with Christine on 5+ shoots for my blog, my personal brand, and my other business Gal Getaway. On each of these occasions she has made the time shooting together fun, interactive and extremely comfortable! I adore working with her. Not only does she have the sweetest heart + best personality, but she creates AMAZING images that I'm always so obsessed with! She is truly the best of the best!!

Kahlea Nicole

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Get to know me!


My favorite colors are black and white

I am a true coffee lOVER

I love clean & natural images
Jesus Christ is MY savior

I love to edit and watch tv shows at the same time

I love empowering women to know their worth in Christ

I AM 23

Did You Know

Photography for me is not full of job tasks I need to get done.  I am utterly passionate about this art form in every way. I work with bloggers, brands and individuals to document a wide variety of things from creating killer content for rad brands, all the way to capturing seniors contagious smiles and personalities. I cannot forget documenting my lovely couples love stories. Those moments are some of the most breathtaking moments in my business! Seeing their individual love story captured and frozen for years to come is something I  truly cherish.

At the end of my career, I want to be know for being unashamed to proclaim Christ in all that I do. That even though, I am in an ever changing career. I fought to constantly represent Christ. That being a believer did not hold me back in my career but instead fuelled my passion to serve others to the best of my capability.