4.18.15 Soul Studios Company Pictures

I had an amazing opportunity to photograph Soul Studios 2015 Company dance images! Being an alumni of Soul Studios, it was a great privilege to work with students that I love and care for. I'm happy to have photographed new and vibrant faces, as well as mature young woman that are going to pursue their dreams in college.

This photoshoot was so much fun! I want to thank Jamie Davis for trusting me enough to be creative and go all out! It was great trying a new location, even getting down and dirty posing students in alley ways and water fountains. I hope everyone loves the images as much as I do.

Good luck to all the seniors that are graduating this year! I love you girls a lot and will be praying for you as you venture into this new part of your life story!

For anyone who is interested in taking dance classes: http://www.soulstudiosdance.com

-Enjoy Christine Wozniak