Moore Family + Senior Pictures

This shoot was a very special one. One that I hold dear the my heart.

I had the privilege of knowing Sarah when I was in high school. Going on church retreats with her and photographing her when she was a youngster!  I always had many great laughs with her throughout the years, and I am happy to call Sarah one of my great friends!

When she got pregnant with Kai, married Michael and then had Kai. I was so excited to meet these two very special men in her life! Seeing the next adventure that God was taking her on, and what a magnificent beautiful adventure it is! Michael is such a nice young man that you can tell in these images loves her very much, and baby Kia is breath taking! I just want to hold him in my arms and give him a bunch of kisses! 

I am so thankful I have the privilege to document the beautiful young lady Sarah has become. Venturing out of high school into motherhood, and what a stunning mother she is! These family images really resemble something so great! Kai is truly a blessing from the Lord. 

I can't wait to see where life takes you next Sarah, hopefully documenting it along the way!

Love you & congratulations!

- XOXO Wozz