LA Day 4: Got to shoot with a Ford Model!




I started by dressing up in my favorite outfit for the day because it was a day full of pictures! I wanted to hit every location on my list of things to do in LA on that one day! 

Taylor and I dropped off the rental car then we took an Uber to Melrose. We hit the lit up Los Angles sign in a store. We took pictures at the "GIRLS TOUR" sign and the famous painting of Wings. We even took an Uber all the way to Beverly Hills to take pics at the "BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL" - so worth it. 


Taylor and I didn't feel like paying for an uber so we walked about 2 and a half miles it took us 45 minutes, IN HEELS!  I found this cafe on Instagram called "Urth Cafe" It seemed like a cute little place to eat. When we got there, there was a line out the door! We decided to stay and good thing we did! 

These guys came up to us, and choose to sit right next to us and eat. At first, we thought it was weird but then we just started talking to them. They told us they were all friends that graduated from Princeton College. We talked for awhile and they told me they rented a house out in "Hollywood Hills". That since they knew I was a photographer I can come out there and shoot if I want. 

When they showed me the "Mansion" over looking LA my mouth dropped! I said I would be there on Monday to shoot my friends dance pictures and the rest was history!See the next couple of blog posts to know more about that day. 

I also so got to meet Jessica Whitaker! I have been following her photography for awhile and saw that she was out in LA, I didn't think I would see her and then there she was at Urth Cafe...

I totally was a FAN GIRL for the moment and walked up to her, and asked her for a picture. It was such a cool experience to meet her. I was so thankful for the Lords timing in allowing this! 

While at Urth I saw this guy walk in, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life. I was so nervous to walk up to him, but after talking to Taylor and the Lord I choose to walk up to him! I was in LA, this was the time to get out of my comfort zone! 

I walked up to him and said, "you are beautiful, can I take pictures of" He laughed and said "YES", and that he is a FORD MODEL! Again my jaw dropped. I got to shoot with him and the rest was history. His name is Dietrich Riley.

(Pictures are linked below) 

We had to stop by the "LF" store because they only have one in LA and Miami... they don't even sell their clothes online. Because of that I really wanted to check it out. Let's just say that I couldn't afford anything in that store, and won't be going back. 

From there we went to get pedicures and called it a day! The exploring had stopped and we had to eat some food. Oh... we didn't just eat food we ate the most amazing food on the planet! We ate at "Tender Greens" best food by far that I had eaten in LA. 

I would 100% recommend "Tender Greens". Thinking about it makes me hungry right now. They had amazing mash potatoes, steak, and bread. I wish they had one in Florida I would be eating there all the time! If you go to LA eat at Tender Greens for sure! 

Tender Greens Adress:

505 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

As Always images from the day are below. I hope you enjoy them!

To sum it up: Urth was the spot I met everyone!