Nicolle + James Engagement shoot


Breaking News Alert: I have to tell the world how excited I am about these two getting Married!!!

Background: I have known Nichole for years. I met her at church when I was a little girl in youth group. She was a leader over me and I always looked up to her. As time went on, we became friends! The age gap between us started shrinking.

I went off to college but our friendship remained! While I was in college she met this guy named JAMES PAUL GOETKE. They feel in love and it was happily ever after the END!  

Or... something like that lol. As their love story developed I was in college, so I saw bits and pieces of it. I'm telling you all of this because I was in and out while their love story was developing but now I get the amazing chance to spend almost EVERY DAY WITH THEM! In their cute little soon to be Home<3 (It is such a warm cozy safe place to be!) 

I have learned so much from their relationship and can not wait to see what their Lord does in and through their marriage. As they choose to serve Him and honor Him, in everything they do. I feel like we look at marriage as a reward at times, instead of a ministry. These two remind me daily that Love IS A CHOICE, and that marriage is a MINISTRY! 

I love you both sooooo much, and am so thankful I get to stand by your side Nicolle on your big day! 

Cheers to their love story! I hope as you go through the images you can see their love for one another. 

Ps. I LOVE when clients can be so vonerable front of the camera. There is nothing like capturing those hidden moments.