Cara + Justin Bowen // St. Petersburg Meet Up!


Breaking News! 

I got the chance to shoot with this amazing couple last week! 

If I can give you some back story I have been following their creative journey for some time! I feel in love with Cara's wrist shots that she took for Pura Vida (that is how I found her.) I loved her tropical Instagram style and was so excited to see that she loved the Lord and had a heart for encouraging woman! 

Since then, I was on board! Following her Instagram, her love story and what creative action she was taking next! Justin and Cara did this workshop that my friends and I watched the free informational live video on! Seeing them tell their tips and tricks was so fun!

Social Media can be such a funny thing! You can feel like you know someone without even meeting them. In this case, I definitely felt that way with them.

After a couple of years following her, I would reach out through DM to ask her questions and pick her brain on marketing and social media! She was always so open to talking and helping me! Some time went by and Cara contacted me to tell me they would be in Florida if I wanted to meet up and photograph her and Justin! 

I could not pass up that offer! HECK YES, I WILL, and the rest was history. We met up in St. Pete and shot a bunch of outfit options. Best of all I loved talking about passions and dreams. It's so cool knowing that following someone online can turn into meeting up.... creating content together and well-becoming friends lol! 

I would for sure call them my friends haha! I mean they were amazing, everything that they are on their social meida! It's good to know that there are genuine people out there! 

I hope you love the images, It was so much fun just being able to shoot and be in the moment! 

Cheers to Love, new found friendship and being able to collaborate with awesome people! I am so thankful for the people the Lord is bringing into my life through this social media platform called Instagram! 

- Until Next Time XOXO