Boss Lady Vlog and Questions

Hello again!

This video is all about being a girl boss! I asked my followers on Instagram to comment below one of my Insta pictures questions that they had pertaining to being a girl boss! Here is a list of questions that they had!

1. What camera do you use for your VLOGs? 💓💓💓

2. What is your favorite thing about working with companies and what is your favorite thing about vlogging?

3. How did you grow your company/brand? 😇

4. How do you manage your time well?

5. Do you let your work dictate your daily schedule or do you plan it as you go / go with the flow?

6. How do stay strong in ur faith when there are so many other influences in the photography industry and in the world in general?

7. Would you ever do a giveaway? Like a photography start pack or something.

8. How did you learn how to take photos?

9. How did you find the perfect camera for yourself to use?

10. What camera lens do you use?💗📸 your photos are amazing

All of the questions above are answered in the video! I hope you enjoyed!

P.S: If you would like me to make another Q&A video let me know in the comments, and I would be glad to make another one!

Also, let me know if this helped at all! My social media: Instagram: @christinewozzphoto Blog: Facebook: Pinterest: Christine Wozz Twitter: @christinewozz

Music: Adventures by A Himitsu