Parker Underwood Senior Pictures

Let new adventures begin!

Senior year in high school is an epic year - it is the year of transition and change. Everyone is either submitting their college applications, applying for jobs or enlisting in the military. During our senior year, we begin to carve out our path to adulthood and develop meaningful relationships.

This is why I love photographing seniors. Their eagerness to begin a new adventure reflects through every image and it truly evokes an emotion that we often reminisce on.

Parkerโ€™s photographs capture the essence of his senior year. He was so excited to start college and even took pictures with his Jeep to add a touch of personality to his shoot. His girlfriend also came along to make him smile a little bit harder during the shoot. They are so cute together! I shot her senior pictures and that shoot also went great!

It was super fun connecting with Parker and his girlfriend. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

-XOXO Christine and Alondra