7.13.18 Ama Bikini Miami Swim-week

Hey guys! 

I hope your weekend has been full of sunshine and relaxation! There is nothing better than soaking up some sun rays and reenergizing after a frenzied week. 

Speaking of sunshine, as many of you have already seen through my Instagram posts, I attended Miami Swim Week and had the opportunity to shoot for ama bikinis in MIAMI – one of the sunniest places in Florida! Ama bikinis is an amazing brand that sells super cute swimwear perfect for summer beach trips. Make sure to check out their page –  I will be tagging them below!  

The models I got to work with were also phenomenal and looked stunning in the colorful bikini pieces! During the photo shoot, I found myself using creative angles and techniques that would showcase the beautiful swimwear in a modest style. It was definitely a challenge, but I am very happy with the outcome! I hope you guys enjoy the different angles, locations, and editing styles I have incorporated into the photoshoot. I will also be tagging the models down below so you can go check out their work! 

Along with shooting, I had the chance to meet several influencers in the industry and talk about our common interests and exchange our handles. It was definitely fun being part of a creative environment and seeing all the influencers produce amazing work at Miami Swim Week. Overall, it was a great networking experience!

Although I had a blast on my trip, I was super pumped to come home, edit the pictures, and share them with you guys! I would love to hear your feedback on the photos and answer any questions you guys have about the photoshoot. So go ahead and ask away! ♡

P.S. Hopefully Alondra is coming along beside me to create more written content and freshen up my social media platforms! We are eager to expand the team and produce creative content that you guys can enjoy and interact with. I would love to know what you guys are interested in and what you would like to see on my platforms. I encourage you to be interactive and comment on topics you would enjoy learning about or any content that you may find engaging! 

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-XOXO Christine ♡ & Alondra