Sara Maynard Bridal Portraits


It’s an honor photographing brides and their weddings. Every time you snap a moment of the wedding, you capture a tangible memory that will last for a lifetime. It may even get passed down to future lifetimes — that’s amazing to me!

Although Sarah didn’t get married in Florida, she reached out to me to photograph her bridal portraits. Of course, I happily said YES! Shooting bridal portraits is completely different from shooting weddings. I’ll explain why in a little bit, but needless to say, this wedding shoot was a dream!

Side note: We missed the rain by a hair! Can we agree that it was perfect timing?

So, I’m going to be honest. Ready?... these pictures are my all-time favorites. I’ve fallen in love with bridal portraits because it doesn’t have the stress of the wedding day. Both the photographer and the bride are cool, calm and collected. You get to be more creative and capture intricate details that may not be captured during an actual wedding. Don’t get me wrong, capturing weddings are still so much fun, but you're under a time crunch!

Another side note: It was super sweet seeing Sarah’s mom make the flower bouquet. In case you're wondering, the flowers are from Michael’s. Doesn’t the bouquet look elegant and rustic? I love it.

We shot at Cross Creek Ranch, it was a stunning, all-inclusive venue. I definitely recommend you to check them out! I also recently did a bridal show for this shoot and it was amazing being able to do that. I keep scrolling down to these photos and they keep leaving me in awe, especially because my wedding is around the corner. I can’t wait! I guess we can say that the official countdown has begun.


Sarah, you looked stunning! Congrats on your fresh, new marriage. I hope your wedding was amazing.

-XOXO Christine and Alondra