Alyssa & Brandon Soriano Engagement

Wedding bells are ringing in 2019

If you’re reading my blog, you most likely saw this amazing couple on my Instagram feed a few days ago. I absolutely enjoyed photographing their love story and I thought I would share with you their full-extended shoot!

By the way, their puppy is so cute and added a fun element to the shoot. So to all my dog-lovers, please a enjoy a dose of puppy goodness!

As I’ve mentioned on my Insta, Alyssa and Brandon’s wedding is next year and they asked me to photograph their wedding - ahhh! I can’t wait to shoot the rest of their wedding journey. I’m telling you guys, big things are coming in 2019!

For this shoot, we started with a beautiful greenery for the background and then transitioned into warm, fuzzy, feel-good tones. We wrapped up this shoot with a beautiful golden sunset! I’m still fawning over the color schemes of this shoot.

It was great shooting this couple and their puppy. Moments like these, where clients let me explore the lighting, are honestly so great. If you have any photography questions, leave a comment below, I would love to help you out!

P.S. I did get eaten alive by mosquitos during this shoot (#photographyproblems) but it was totally worth it!

-XOXO Christine and Alondra