Salberg Family Pictures

I had the amazing privilege to meet with these beauties a couple of weeks ago! They hired me to come to their home and photograph there family for there moms Christmas Present! It was such a cute idea! I loved these mother daughter moments!

FUNNY STORY: During the begging of the shoot I started choking so bad that my eye where watering I needed something to drink and cough drops! Thank goodness for these lovely ladies! I was so imbarsses but they treated me so kindly getting me hot tea, and cough drops!

Long story short- good thing this wasn’t a wedding because I wouldn’t stop the whole wedding for my coughing attack, and thank goodness for amazing clients that take care of me!

Then on to shooting again! We got the beautiful golden tones of sunsets! I hope you enjoy these women smiling faces as much as I did!

This shoot was filled with great conversation and memorizes to last a life time!