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Thoughts on wedding planning (“THE WHY") /Christine + Joey ENGAGEMENT Pictures (Leah Miller Photography)


As I am writing this blog post, I am 22 days away from getting married! FYI, This will be my last blog post for two weeks! In case you think I went rogue, I am just taking a much-needed break for the wedding and honeymoon!

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Alyssa & Brandon Soriano Engagement

Wedding bells are ringing in 2019

If you’re reading my blog, you most likely saw this amazing couple on my Instagram feed a few days ago. I absolutely enjoyed photographing their love story and I thought I would share with you their full-extended shoot!

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Kara Carpenter Maternity Shoot


As photographers, we tend to groan when we see the skies getting darker and hear the roars of thunder. No one likes to reschedule their shoot or risk shooting in bad lighting -- trust me I know!

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LBKC + NK Productions Wedding Decor!
Sarah + Johnathan Zalud Wedding

I had the amazing chance to document Sarah + Johnathan's love story!

From begging to end it was such a beautiful day. I hope you enjoy the layout of images! 

The sunset beach photographs are my favorite! There is nothing like a Florida beach wedding that captivates beautiful images!

I hope you enjoy! 

Venue: TradeWinds Island Grand Resort 

DJ: Island Sound Live - Drew Brown


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Baxter Wedding : Summer Love + Sun Flowers

Weddings are my passion, what I desire to do when I start my photography business full time. Its so dear to my heart when I get the opportunity to document a couple's love story. 

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Abbey + Jeremy Engagement

This blog post is in honor of Abby + Jeremy Baxter's wedding yesterday! (6.4.16) I had so much fun documenting your love story, It was such a beautiful wedding. Your love for one another and the Lord is breath taking! 

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