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LA Day 1

Exploring LA Day 1

I'm doing something so unexpected and out of character…I'm flying out to LA

I got the call a month ago from my childhood best friend's boyfriend asking me to fly out to LA for her birthday. I said yes, not really thinking before I said it. It's Los Angeles I mean why wouldn't I want to go! 

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St. Pete Adventure

One thing crossed off my 2017 bucket list!

I love St. Pete, there is something about the art community + the beach atmosphere that makes me want to move there right now!

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Orlando Explorations


Quality time is not my top love languge but is definitely an important part of friendships! This past week I decided to take an adventure with my best friend to Orlando! There is nothing like hitting the road to check out new place. I have been wanting to visit couple of Instagram worthy locations, and thats what we did! 

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