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Alyssa & Brandon Soriano Engagement

Wedding bells are ringing in 2019

If you’re reading my blog, you most likely saw this amazing couple on my Instagram feed a few days ago. I absolutely enjoyed photographing their love story and I thought I would share with you their full-extended shoot!

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Kristy Blake & Philip Evenson Engagement

It is that time of year! Couples are falling in love!

What am I kidding that is all year around! Here is a beautiful couples shoot I did in St. Pete a month or two ago! 

I not only shot this only couple but Kristy parents as well! 

- Enjoy! 

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11.26.17 Roxanne + Tanski Proposal

I have had the amazing chance to photograph my dear friend's proposal! 

It was a fantastic, mystical proposal full of lights and flowers! Check out below to see all the details of their big day, along with Ryan signing to Roxanne, and getting down on one knee! 

Thier love story is so beautiful, and I am beyond thankful that I can share these images with you! Enjoy! 

Ps: Love you lots, Roxanne and Ryan. I am looking forward to seeing how God is glorified in your marriage. Where He will take you and your love to flourish for many years to come! 


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Nicolle + James Engagement shoot

Background: I have known Nichole for years. I met her at church when I was a little girl in youth group. She was a leader over me and I always looked up to her. As time went on, we became friends! The age gap between us started shrinking.

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Cara + Justin Bowen // St. Petersburg Meet Up!

If I can give you some back story I have been following their creative journey for some time! I feel in love with Cara's wrist shots that she took for Pura Vida (that is how I found her.) I loved her tropical Instagram style and was so excited to see that she loved the Lord and had a heart for encouraging woman! 

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Sarah + Michael Moore

I have dreamt about setting up a couples in-house shoot for a long time now! 


Its hard to find couples who want to use their house as a backdrop for their photoshoots, but I finally found a couple that was willing and I love their family so much! There is something about their love that is so beautiful! I can't forget their wonderful baby Kai that completes their family. They are the most lovable gorgeous family around! 

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