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Rachel Consiglio Senior Pictures

Do you ever get nostalgic when you’re around people from your childhood? Well, being around Rachel brought up so many memories of when we were both in dance. It was a pleasure being able to reconnect with her and to take her senior photos.  

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Katie + Kyle Cobb

Kyle and Katie Cobb are a dream! When you scroll down to the pictures you’ll be swept away by their connection. Their happiness and love gleam right through these images - so beautiful!

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Salberg Family Pictures

FUNNY STORY: During the begging of the shoot I started choking so bad that my eye where watering I needed something to drink and cough drops! Thank goodness for these lovely ladies! I was so imbarsses but they treated me so kindly getting me hot tea, and cough drops!

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Olivia Hudson Senior Pictures

Olivia Hudson Everyone! I had such a fun time photographing her! Her bubbly personality made photographing so easy! It’s great getting the chance to know my senior girls! Seeing there smiles, when they get a preview of there images and taking the time to go through all the pictures and edit each one after!

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Reid Family Pictures

The Reid Family was such a joy to work with! We planned on going boating that day for the shoot and the weather was way to cold! In the end it turned out beautiful! I loved how fun these two where. There dogs added such a nice touch to there shoot day! Enjoy.

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Thoughts on wedding planning (“THE WHY") /Christine + Joey ENGAGEMENT Pictures (Leah Miller Photography)


As I am writing this blog post, I am 22 days away from getting married! FYI, This will be my last blog post for two weeks! In case you think I went rogue, I am just taking a much-needed break for the wedding and honeymoon!

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Heather Saba- Daniel Wellington & Shop Pink Blush


The blogger mom is back at it again, rocking some awesome brand content. I’ll tag the brand below!

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