Photography gear, software and more!

“What’s so hard about photography? All you do is press a button.”

Ah, the thought that crosses the minds of many. But if you’re a photographer, you know the truth. Photography is more than a click of a button. It involves adjusting your camera settings, getting the correct lens, editing with high-quality software, making sure you have the best camera equipment …

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… Indeed the list could go on and on, which is why a good photographer should always research and read equipment manuals. It makes you a reliable expert. I know, sometimes figuring out your equipment can be a little frustrating. But trust me, it can also be fun! When you learn how to maneuver your equipment, you are able to personalize your shoots by customizing your camera settings to fit your style. In this resource, I help you figure out the techy side of photography. So, let’s jump right in!

Camera Body

  • Currently, I have two camera bodies: Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 5D Mark IV

Camera Lens

  • Sigma 35mm - It has a wide angle and shoots in high fashion mode.

  • Sigma 50mm - It’s more of a portrait style. I use this lens the most because it is natural to the eye, and it’s sharp.  

  • Canon 85mm - It’s a tight portrait.

  • Canon 24-70mm - It’s an amazing zoom lens.


  • I buy all of my lighting kits from B&H.

  • I have two stands, a ring light and yongnuo flashes from Amazon

Editing Software

  • For culling, I use photo mechanics.

  • For editing, I use Lightroom.

  • To publish photos, I use Pic-Time gallery. Here is an affiliate link where you can get a discount on there product:


  • I like to use a 64GB 80mb/s SD card.

  • I use a spider belt from B&H for my camera equipment.

  • I also use a fanny pack that I bought from Amazon.

Should you hire an assistant?  

Personally, when I shoot for big brands or weddings I have an assistant with me. She helps me with the small, yet important details (such as adhering to the schedule). Essentially, with her by my side, I can focus on the photography aspect of a shoot. If you’re wondering whether to hire an assistant or not, I advise you to only hire one if you are shooting for over four hours in a day. Other than that, you don’t really need one.

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I hope this resource helps you figure out any technical kinks you may have. Figuring out how to optimize your equipment will allow you to serve your clients to the best of your capability. The best collaborations always come from hours of research and hard work.

If you have any questions about this topic, please comment down below. I would love to chat with you.