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Finding your dream photographer

Finding your dream photographer is like trying to find your soulmate - it’s a thorough process. It also takes a while, but if you’re trying to exponentially grow your brand it’s a process worth investing in. This week, I'll be swapping roles and teaching you how to find your dream photographer.

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Outfit, poses, shoot!

For the client, the most nerve-racking aspects of photography are outfit selections, posing and confidence in front of the camera. If your client isn’t feeling their outfit or has trouble smiling for the camera, it is your duty as the photographer to give the best tips and encouragement possible. You’re the expert and the ice breaker. The way you handle your shoot will determine the outcome. Want to give your client the best tips? Keep reading, this resource will thoroughly address this topic and offer advice on outfit choices, poses and more.

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Photography gear, software and more!

What’s so hard about photography? All you do is press a button.”

Ah, the thought that crosses the minds of many. But if you’re a photographer, you know the truth. Photography is more than a click of a button. It involves adjusting your camera settings, getting the correct lens, editing with high-quality software, making sure you have the best camera equipment …

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Capturing your vision pt. 2

Welcome back to part two of “capturing your vision” series. As I mentioned last week, this series focuses on helping you harness your creativity and encourages you to reflect it in your images. When you’re shooting for a brand, your vision can get lost among the details. If this is happening to you, it’s okay. We’ve all been there. With these six steps, you’ll come back with a sharper and stronger vision.

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