Your Brand Needs A Human Connection.
Excellent Photography Can Help You Achieve That.

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Let Me Capture Your Brands Story


Whether your brand requires high quality imagery for use in marketing campaigns, social media content, or to announce new products, I can help you bring that vision to life, Photography acts as the first impression for your brand. An image can speak to your prospects better than any single catchphrase. Clients work with me because I take over the creative direction, help them create quality images, and then choose the ideal image for their business needs. 



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All-Inclusive Luxury Brand Experience

Let me take the creative pressure off of you and your team. I've worked with dozens of brands, so I understand the vision of your product and what you need to be successful. You can rest easy knowing that your brand is in good hands.

  • Communication of creative direction and vision of your product

  • Location Finding (Price varies $0-$400)

  • A selection of models for you to choose from ( Model hourly rate: $35 an hour)

  • Steaming and getting the product ready to shoot

  • Finding a hair and makeup person ($40-$100 an hour)

  • Creative calls of where to shoot what

  • Organizational of shoot day: the flow of what product is to be shot on what model when

  • Directing model. Posing when needed

  • Culling time around (1-2 hours)

  • Editing time (4-5 hours)

  • Final product: fully edited images in high-resolution digital format delivered on a private online gallery.

  • All packages are for digital products can be used on any and all social media platforms.

Sliding scale fee apply for printing images. Contact photographer for more information.

Starting at: $275
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Essential Brand Experience

I take a collaborate approach to get the imaging for your brand just right. You'll walk away with strong photography that you can use on your website, social media, marketing campaigns and more.

  • Communication of creative direction and vision of your product

  • Showing up to directed shoot location at the appropriate time with all equipment needed for the shoot.

  • Making creative calls for where to shoot what item (item location)

  • Directing model. Posing when needed

  • Culling time around (1-2 hours)

  • Editing time (4-5 hours)

  • Final Product: fully edited images in high-resolution digital format product delivered on a private online gallery.

  • All packages are for Digital products can be used on any and all social media platforms.

Sliding scale fee apply for printing images contact photographer for more information.

Starting at: $350

Additional Info

Normal Turn around rate:
2-3 weeks

Seven Day Turn around rate: $100.00

Super Speed Turn around rate: 2 days, $250.00

In need of basic product photography? My smallest package is 20 dollars per image, 10 image minimum.



If I could shoot exclusively with The Christine Wozz I would. She’s too talented and it’s too easy to collaborate with her. The energy, the moments all develop into terrific film. She’s charismatic and progressive, we got the shot every time and I truly believe she will have a tremendous impact on photography not locally but much more than that internationally.

Jordan Kimball - Reality TV Star

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Brand Photography Portfolio


My portfolio is split into 3 categories. I edit all my images according to, lighting, color tones, and backgrounds. I try to stay as true to color and editing style as possible to fit your brand in order to keep everything cohesive. Remember that if you are wanting Tropical Paradise edits you will want to be in locations that are more vibrant and colorful. Compared to Clean - Muted Tones that should be shot mostly in shaded areas with a lot of white backgrounds solid color choices! If you select my Luxury Brand Experience, I will be able to help you determine which location is best for your brand.


Tropical Vibes

Very contrasted, saturated images! Bright vibrant colors. Rich in vibrancy and clarity. This type of edit captivates your audience! Colorful backgrounds or clothing. Very blue blues, and oranges. Sunsets are in these shots at time to create warm vibrant tones. For the most part these images are shot during the day time in direct sunlight or being back lit in shade. Giving your brand a very passionate, youthful feel! This edit captivates on the first look



This style works wonders for lifestyle images. It can be described as cool clean crisp whites, the colors are not overly saturated and there are true tone blacks. For natural product shots, only adjusting settings not color tones to keep your product true to color. These images should be shot mostly in the shade around white - black or neutral backgrounds. The clothing items should be neutral color tones. Solids are the best for these looks! White homes, with marble or solid walls with just pop- of color is perfect! This edit is for brands that want to be classy and timeless. Elegant and professional. Wanting to apply to a very wide range audience.



Lets be honest - finding the right photographs for your blog and business is hard!  And when you are working with a brand for a sponsored post, the stakes are even higher. I've worked with several bloggers to provide them social-worthy content for both them and the brands they work with.


Capturing a Lifestyle that is Fun, Happy and Free.

I make it a priority to build relationships with those that I collaborate with and also with the models. Without having a relationship with the models I feel that it’s less authentic when capturing those once in a lifetime whimsical moments that bring products to life. I desire to come alongside you to capture a look that fits your brand perfectly. I live in a tropical, fun, and vibrant location so if you are looking for bright, beautiful colors, I’m your girl! I would be happy to create beautiful artwork that matches your brand’s message.