Dietrich Riley Photoshoot

Dietrich Riley Ford Model

What can I say other than, WOW this man is stunning! When I was in LA I had a lot of amazing opportunities arise one of them was having the chance to shoot with Dietrich.

A little back story: I was at Urth Cafe in LA with Taylor. When both of us as saw him walk in... Long story short (it will be laid out in detail within my LA blog posts)  I was nervous to ask him if I could take pictures of him! I then talked to Taylor... then talked to the Lord about it, and just went for it full speed!

I mean I am in LA why not! He was soooo nice! He said yes we can shoot, and that he was a Ford Model! My mouth dropped when I heard those words. I couldn't believe he would be so down to earth, and be willing to shoot with me. Being in the position that he was in! I mean people... he travels the world doing this for a living, and I just interrupted lunch to ask him to shoot on the spot in LA.

The pictures below are of that day's shoot! I can't wait for you to see the Vlog of that day. (Keep a look out! First Vlog drops next week) We walked around and just shot at some different locations near us! Talked about his life, how he used to play football and all about modeling.

I am so thankful that I got the chance to shoot with him. The Lord really has a funny way of making things happen! I definitely have "photograph a Ford model" checked off my list!

Last thing: It was really fun getting the chance to work with a guy model since I shoot with girl models all the time. Most of the trip I photographed men! My Instagram feed will be changing up real soon! 

-Love you all 




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