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7.14.18 Sweet Paradise Club Miami Swimweek

Here’s an homage to Summer!

WOW! Can you believe today is the first day of September? Time definitely flew by! To celebrate these last few weeks of summer, I thought it would be perfect to share with you a swimwear piece that screams SUMMER!  

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12.30.17 Kaitlyn Ganner
Sarah + Michael Moore

I have dreamt about setting up a couples in-house shoot for a long time now! 


Its hard to find couples who want to use their house as a backdrop for their photoshoots, but I finally found a couple that was willing and I love their family so much! There is something about their love that is so beautiful! I can't forget their wonderful baby Kai that completes their family. They are the most lovable gorgeous family around! 

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Orlando Explorations


Quality time is not my top love languge but is definitely an important part of friendships! This past week I decided to take an adventure with my best friend to Orlando! There is nothing like hitting the road to check out new place. I have been wanting to visit couple of Instagram worthy locations, and thats what we did! 

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