Capturing your vision pt. 1

I think we can all agree that the best part about photography is capturing your vision. Essentially, that’s what it all boils down to - a tangible creation of your talent. In previous resources, we talk about capturing the brand’s vision, but in this series, I want to hone in on capturing your vision as a photographer. The degree to how well you portray your vision through your images will make or break the final shot. Which is why I wanted to invest in a resource you can use when you feel like your vision is waning. Remember, we all have a vision. We just need to capture it succinctly.

Step one - Review the details from the planning process

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  • Walk through the location

    • You don’t have to go to the actual location, but you can look through pictures of the place to get an idea of what you want to create.

  • Review the models list and product list

    • When you’re working on capturing your vision, remember to still integrate the brand’s vision. A quick refresher will ensure that you include important details in the image.

  • Keep in mind where the brand is going to post the photos

    • This will help decide whether you shoot the products (or models) horizontally or vertically.

    • Tip: For websites you want your images to be horizontal. For Instagram, you want your images to be vertical.

  • Create a brief shot list

    • Don’t over think this part. You don’t want it to take away from the creativity of the shoot. Simply have a free flow of ideas and jot them down. This is great for stimulating your mind when you’re in a rut.  

Step two - Prepare the models

When capturing your vision for a shoot, don’t forget the people who are working with you. Your models are also part of your vision, so you need to explain to them what you’re looking for. If you haven’t drafted a contract with your models, create one. It will help them understand how you run your shoots and give them an idea of your expectations.


A few things to include in your contract:

  • Your business’ values

  • Pay rate

  • Section on model conduct

    • This makes sure they stay aligned to your vision. if something isn’t working and I ask them to adjust, they know it’s not in an offensive way. They need to sell the product like it’s their favorite item in the world, despite of what they feel.

      (Comment below if you want me to share a template of my brand contract.)

To prep the models:

  • Thoroughly explain your vision for the shoot

  • Show them a few images that match your vision

  • Give them a run down of the schedule

  • Let them see the back of the camera to help them make adjustments

  • If they’re not feeling their best, encourage them.

  • Allow them to voice any concerns or suggestions

Step three- Prepare the client’s mindset

When your photo shoot directly involves the client, you (definitely) need to prep their mindset in order to effectively capture your vision. When the client looks good, so do your images.

How to prep:

  • Connect with the client

  • Talk about outfit choices and poses

    • Show them what looks good on camera by sending them Pinterest boards of certain outfits or poses.

  • Recommend them to get their hair and makeup done professionally

    • This will give them one less thing to worry about. If they can’t afford it, suggest them to look at hair & makeup tutorials on YouTube.

  • Give them a pep talk

    • This is what I like to tell my clients, “Pretend I’m your personal paparazzi for the day and you are the famous celebrity. Embrace it.”


Advice: During a shoot, it’s crucial you show your client the back of your camera - even if you don’t want to. I promise it will help tremendously in capturing your vision. Once you show them they start to feel amazing. Their nerves will go away and they’ll work hard to get the best shot possible. Just watch, the structure of your day will be smooth sailing.

Part two of this series will launch next week. We’ll be talking about prepping your mindset, finding inspiration for your shoots and so much more. Don’t miss out!


Christine & Alondra