Keaton Milburn/Orlando Shoot


I got the chance to meet up with

Keaton Milburn In Orlando people!

I have followed Keaton for awhile through Instagram and eventually watched her youtube posts! I loved seeing the new clothes that she buys or the makeup she talks about. My favorite part is hearing her heart behind topics or what adventures she was taking! 

I thought I would reach out and see if she wanted to shoot, when she said yes I was blown away with excitement!  

A couple months passed and she contacted me saying she was coming to Orlando for playlist live! After a lot of back and forth on dates and times we finally met up and shot! I had so much fun capturing her beauty and just getting to know her.

I felt like a fan girl when I met her. 

The funny party is she was so awesome and chill to hang out with! It made the shoot run so smoothly, despite the hot weather! Other than that, we walked, talked, shot and that was a wrap! 

Side note: I think Keaton should 100% be a model I hardly had to pose her, she just worked it all the way through the shoot ! 

Here are images from that awesome day in Orlando! I love showing the entirety of my shoots because you can get a better grasp on the BIG PICTURE! 

Keep a look out for behind the scenes video footage I have from the shoot! 

- XOXO Wozz