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Studio Part 2

While I was in college I took studio images / Made some gifs! 

I love working in the studio, and thought it would be a cool idea! If you love it let me know, and I will create some more! 

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Keaton Milburn/Orlando Shoot

I go the chance to meet up with

Keaton Milburn In Orlando people!

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Feeling inspired? Good!


Hello Everyone! 

I have missed you! I hope your summer went well! I am still freaking out that this is the last summer (school based summer) that I will ever have! 

Cheers to adulting! 

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Personal Smoke Bomb Shoot

I have been been dreaming about doing a smoke bomb shoot for a long time now! So much so that I bought the smoke bombs over a year ago, and let them sit in my room until just the right time. I did not want to waste them on anything less than greatness, and I also.... to be honest, did not have time to do an extravagant thought provoking shoot. In the end, I just decided to go for it! I have photographed Tiara before and thought she had the edgy stunning vibe I was looking for. 

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Moore Family + Senior Pictures

This shoot was a very special one. One that I hold dear the my heart.

I had the privilege of knowing Sarah when I was in high school. Going on church retreats with her and photographing her when she was a youngster!  I always had many great laughs with her throughout the years, and I am happy to call Sarah one of my great friends!

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Savannah West Senior Pictures

Happy Friday everyone, its the weekend, and you know what that means? Savannah West's Senior Pictures are finally here! 

A couple of weeks ago Savannah and I took a road trip to Lakeland. Fun talks in the car, and all sorts of stops through Lakeland. It was so much fun discovering awesome locations with this girl! Its great to get to know the seniors I am shooting. Savannah is such a fun bubbly lovable girl, that is going to do big things, watch out world! 

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