Feeling inspired? Good!

Hello Everyone! 

I have missed you! I hope you all enjoyed your summer. I'm still freaking out that this is the last school based summer that I will ever have! 

Cheers to adulting! 

Throughout the process of moving into an apartment with my best friends (bummer right?), and starting the tiresome, but rewarding, routine of this amazing thing called school, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. 

So I thought, what's better to do than a personal shoot? Something 100% for myself that helps my creativity bubble over!  

Sooo... thats exactly what I did. So I dressed Sonata up, with the help of the very talented Rachel Hainsworth, in an effort to do another CALI street themed shoot! 

Ohhh words cannot explain how much I loved shooting my best friend! Come on, for not being a professional model she killed it

Here are a couple of images from the shoot, I hope you enjoy them. I am looking forward to your comments! 

Feel Free to contact me any time I would love to hear from you! Remember, stay inspired not just by all that is around you, but take a step to go out and get your creative juices flowing!