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Kaia cheney Senior Pictures

This senior shoot was one for the books! I loved meeting Kaia and her family! Even through a very hot day Kaia, was glowing throughout the whole shoot. It was awesome being able to document her achievements and be able to photograph in this beautiful garden!

Enjoy these images!

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Mya Blanco + Braiden Forsyth Senior Pictures

I had the chance to photograph two seniors from out of state while they where visiting the sarasota! We split up there shoot time and really explored different locations it was a blast! I love meeting my clients and getting the chance to hear everyones stories!

Don’t miss the sunset shots!


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Dalton Judge Senior Pictures

Dalton is such a beauty! Because of florida weather yet again we had to move her shoot date but it worked out great! We shot at the Yacht Club and really got to explore all locations! My favorite is when she is sitting in the white window cut out! I hope you enjoy these images and they give you inspo for your senior shoot!

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Maddie Egan Senior Pictures

I had the best time photographing Maddie at a location I actually grew up at! We had to re-schedaul the shoot because of rain and I am so glad we did! The shoot ended up so bright and sunny! It was a blast exploring shooting in the flowers and Maddie’s contagious personality! Enjoy!

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Natalya LaLiberty Senior Pictures

I shot Natayla recently and it was such a joy shooting her! We vibe instantly under sunny Florida light talking about college and more! It was so fun getting to know Natayla and being able to get those creamy sunset shots at the end do not miss those!

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4.12.19 Schae's Senior Pictures

Such a bitter sweet end! I have had the chance to photograph beautiful Schaes for years now! Starting out with a dance shoot at ringling years ago! Leading into years of family pictures, portraits, dance photos, weddings and now Schaes senior shoot!

What better than fitting her personality perfectly. starting the shoot at taco bell! Then heading to the open road to get shots of her beautiful truck under the canopy! It was such a fun shoot day full excitement and memorizes!

Then we headed for the sand to get some florida sunset views with her senior dance costume!

Schea: I am so excited for you! The college adventures and memorize you are going to make! I will miss you and our fun shoots but I am so exited for this journey! I love you so much Schae it has been amazing to document you as you grow up you are such a nice beautiful woman! Your character is so lovely to be around love you!

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Cayla Dammann Senior Pictures

There is nothing like the beautiful beaches of florida! Cayla and I took a long drive out to the water but it was so worth it! At the end of her senior shoot we talked so much about the beautiful sunset she had! It was seriously the best day for pictures! Other than it being super windy we had a blast


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