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Kaia cheney Senior Pictures

This senior shoot was one for the books! I loved meeting Kaia and her family! Even through a very hot day Kaia, was glowing throughout the whole shoot. It was awesome being able to document her achievements and be able to photograph in this beautiful garden!

Enjoy these images!

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Alex West Senior Pictures

I had such a blast working with Alex! I was booked out and we where not able to shoot but last minute I had the chance to squeeze her in on the same day as another shoot and I am so thankful I did! Alex was so stunning in-front of the lens I can not wait for you to see the images! The flowers where blooming that day it was so stunning! I also can’t help to think back on how I shot her sister Savannah’s senior pictures!

With all that being said I hope you enjoy these images! - Christine

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Alexis Evans Senior Pictures

I had the chance to photograph Alexis in Sarasota even though she lives almost 2 hours away! I am so thankful when clients drive all the way to me! It means so much that they would care enough and take the time! Alexis had a vision of my tropical muted tones so we shot in the mid heat of day and I was loving it! Her outfits where so cute and she is a photographer as wells so it was so much fun getting creative and seeing her pose and do her thing!

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Caroline Zerega Senior Pictures
Olivia Hudson Senior Pictures

Olivia Hudson Everyone! I had such a fun time photographing her! Her bubbly personality made photographing so easy! It’s great getting the chance to know my senior girls! Seeing there smiles, when they get a preview of there images and taking the time to go through all the pictures and edit each one after!

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Hannah Sisson Senior Pictures

Senior photo shoots are always fun, creative and inspiring! 

When I first captured Hannah Sisson’s senior pictures, my face lit up. She did a fabulous job, I swear she could be a model! Literally, these pictures are some of my favorite.

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