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Alex West Senior Pictures

I had such a blast working with Alex! I was booked out and we where not able to shoot but last minute I had the chance to squeeze her in on the same day as another shoot and I am so thankful I did! Alex was so stunning in-front of the lens I can not wait for you to see the images! The flowers where blooming that day it was so stunning! I also can’t help to think back on how I shot her sister Savannah’s senior pictures!

With all that being said I hope you enjoy these images! - Christine

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Regan Labelle Senior Pictures


 Regan Labelle! What can I say? You’re one of the most chill senior girls I have worked with. I loved documenting you and I can’t wait to hear how your senior year went! 

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Tyler Burnham Senior Pictures


It’s not often that I shoot senior pictures for guys, but when I do, I have a blast! It gets me out of my element and challenges me to shoot different styles and tackle new locations.

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5.7.17 Emily Dixon / Sarasota Senior Picture Session

Emily Rocken her senior pictures!

I am so excited to be sharing Emily's pictures with you today! I photographed her older sisters senior pictures, last year as well as family pictures! Now this year I received the awesome chance to photograph Emily by herself! 

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Personal Smoke Bomb Shoot

I have been been dreaming about doing a smoke bomb shoot for a long time now! So much so that I bought the smoke bombs over a year ago, and let them sit in my room until just the right time. I did not want to waste them on anything less than greatness, and I also.... to be honest, did not have time to do an extravagant thought provoking shoot. In the end, I just decided to go for it! I have photographed Tiara before and thought she had the edgy stunning vibe I was looking for. 

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Moore Family + Senior Pictures

This shoot was a very special one. One that I hold dear the my heart.

I had the privilege of knowing Sarah when I was in high school. Going on church retreats with her and photographing her when she was a youngster!  I always had many great laughs with her throughout the years, and I am happy to call Sarah one of my great friends!

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