Personal Smoke Bomb Shoot

I have been been dreaming about doing a smoke bomb shoot for a long time now! So much so that I bought the smoke bombs over a year ago, and let them sit in my room until just the right time. I did not want to waste them on anything less than greatness, and I also.... to be honest, did not have time to do an extravagant thought provoking shoot. In the end, I just decided to go for it! I have photographed Tiara before and thought she had the edgy stunning vibe I was looking for. 

Cali Style!.. We explored some cool places in Sarasota and even used someone's stunning muscle car for a pop of color in these shots! 

When we started the smoke bombs, I was nervous I did not have enough time and I constantly clicked my shutter speed. Realizing that if the smoke was over her face I could not focus the camera. (DUHHHH I should have guessed that one.)

Once the first one went out, we ran out of matches so we found a lighter and I had Tiara light the second color (BLUE) .... What a FUNNY experience that was. It was sparking off hot wax's that was burning her and me! (NOT SAFE AT ALL)

During all of this, we were hiding from the parking garage's security guard! After it was all over, I was not sure how the images would turn out but I was so happy with the end product! 

Since it was not a traditional shoot, I ended up editing the images in whatever fashion sparked my liking! Using VSCO film presets. I hope you enjoy the images... It was such a nice change igniting my passion for photography, and capturing beauty!

I hope when you look at these images, you get a Vintage Album Cali Vibe from...sunny side Florida!