Christina Wagner Maternity

This photoshoot was pure adventure! 

It is great having a close relationship with a client. It allows for so much creative trust! This day was build on just that. We started exploring the land, I might have stubbed my toe along the way, and we began to shoot in the hot sun! 

There was so many different background choices that it allowed for a lot of options. We had many different outfit changes and all kinds of scenery. My favorite part was the ocean! At first, I had Christina go just up to her ankles attaching the back of her dress to a tree limb, and moving in all sorts of fun positions.

Christina used to be a dancer so it was effortless for her to hit poses! After shooting for an hour or so, I had her go into the ocean! It was such a rough day on the water. At one point a huge wave came up and knocked her over!!! It was a set back, but the photoshoot was not over yet the water and Christina still looked to beautiful to end the shoot there. 

Lastly, I had her lay on the shore of the rocky ocean and stand on a tree to get a shot of her laying down!

Thinking about the day now, I probably should get a underwater cover for my camera if I want to continue shoots like this! 

This shoot was in all, one for the books! I hope you enjoy the images.

Chritina: I love you so much, you are one of the most stunning pregnant woman I have ever seen! I hope you cherish these images forever. 

- XOXO Wozz

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