Baxter Wedding : Summer Love + Sun Flowers

Weddings are my passion, what I desire to do when I start my photography business full time. Its so dear to my heart when I get the opportunity to document a couple's love story. 

Background: In my freshman year of college, from what I can remember, I meet Abby + Jeremy outside of Abby's dorm room. They were hanging out talking and laughing. From the moment I saw them, I thought they were such a precious couple. I remember walking up to them and telling them, that I wanted to photograph their mix children some day in the future.

Little did I know I would be photographing their wedding!!! A couple of years later they contact me and said they were getting married, and they were interested in me photographing their big day. I was so excited that they considered me after all the time that had passed! 

Abby and I got together to discuss the wedding plans and talk about the engagement image. When we met up for engagement pictures, I had a blast. I have to say this couple is one of the most considerate couple I have EVER worked with! They were so appreciative of my art work. Making sure I felt happy, loved, comfortable and appreciated. That is usually my job towards them! 

A couple of months later..... it was their wedding day! What a fun day that was. It was a day full of SUMMER LOVE & SUN FLOWERS. The ceremony was breathtaking, and the reception was quiet fun.

I have to say my favorite part was their first look. Jeremy's reaction was priceless. You can see in his face how much he loved his bride.  

I am looking forward to seeing their love grow for years to come! 

- XOXO Wozz