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Pauletta Dentici LA Mansion Dance Shoot

I got the chance last month to travel to LA to surprise my childhood friend for her birthday! In that, I got to stay at a friends house out in LA! 

While there I shot Pauletta's dance pictures! (P.S. She is going to make it big as a choreographer out in LA, watch out people!) 

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Personal Smoke Bomb Shoot

I have been been dreaming about doing a smoke bomb shoot for a long time now! So much so that I bought the smoke bombs over a year ago, and let them sit in my room until just the right time. I did not want to waste them on anything less than greatness, and I also.... to be honest, did not have time to do an extravagant thought provoking shoot. In the end, I just decided to go for it! I have photographed Tiara before and thought she had the edgy stunning vibe I was looking for. 

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