Pauletta Dentici LA Mansion Dance Shoot

I got the chance last month to travel to LA to surprise my childhood friend for her birthday! In that, I got to stay at a friends house out in LA! 

While there I shot Pauletta's dance pictures! (P.S. She is going to make it big as a choreographer out in LA, watch out people!) 

It was so much fun seeing her do her thing! She had a couple of different outfits and we just went with the groove. She moved and I caught her in action. Pauletta is such a beautiful dancer! I can't wait to see where they Lord takes her! 

For these edits, I went for a mix of clean and cut look also with a added moody edge! 

P.S.If you haven't seen pictures and blog posts from my LA trip check out my past posts to see more! The past blog posts even explain how we got to shoot at this beautiful mansion. 

- XOXO Enjoy