LA Day 7: Random Mansion Photoshoot


Exploring LA Day 7: Random Mansion Photoshoot in LA with awesome new friends! 

I started off the day by getting ready with Pauletta (my model for the day) - I was shooting her dance pictures so that she has a portfolio of work as she auditions for companies or videos out in LA.

Remember those Princeton guys I told you about a couple blog posts back? The ones I met at Urth Cafe? Well, today was the day I decided to goto there a place to shoot! We did not have a location set up for Pauletta yet, and this was the perfect venue to do it at! 

When we were driving up to the house, my jaw was slowly dropping. We were driving up huge hills with mansions all around us. I mean come on Hollywood Hills is filled with the stunning place! Each house is different and unique.

When we got to the house the guys showed us around! I couldn't believe it, the inside had big windows and the walls here white and clean. I only planned on shooting outside, but after seeing this place my mind changed very fast!

Next, they showed us outside! There was this breathtaking view of Hollywood! We were so far up in the hills that you could see miles into the distance! There was this beautiful wooden deck that can out over the mountain, and a beautiful pool right behind it! I can't forget the awesome trails! 

After looking around and talking a little, we got to shooting, below are some of the images from the shoot!

Pauletta, of course, killed it, with her amazing dance moves! Once I was done shooting her as a thankful I photographed they guys. They needed some new IG material and maybe a new Linken headshot, lol! 

Overall it was a day to remember! I honestly felt like I was in a movie! Everyone was so nice the whole day, I had the time of my life, saw the best views te the best food and hung out with awesome people. I hope to hang out with my new found friends very soon! 

It's so cool to see who the Lord brings into your life. The odds of me meeting them at the cafe, while they all met up for a little college friend reunion and they offered there place for me to shoot is very far few and between. Those are moments you look at and know it could only be the Lords doing!

Cheers to friendship and life long memories! Way to leave LA with a Bang! 


ps. Big Thanks to Mufid, David, Dan & Adam.