LA Day 6: Got to shoot with Travie Williams!


Exploring LA day 6: "Surprise / not surprise shoot with Travis Williams." 

I started off day six with stepping far out of my comfort zone! I decided to take an Uber by myself through West Hollywood to "Cafe Gratitude".

Cafe Gratitude Adress:

639 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

It was so much fun trying out the food, ordering a cappuccino and just talking to the Lord. Yes, I did look funny sitting myself staring off into space, but I believe it was good for me to get out of my comfort zone. 

While at the restaurant Travis William wrote me back! He said he was able to shoot. So I took an Uber back to the place I was staying and got ready for the shoot! 

I was so excited to be working with such a great influencer! 

If you got to 9:58 in the video that's when you see me shooting with him! It's so funny seeing myself on camera, and how much of a clutz I am lol!


We walked around NOHO and shot in all random place but it worked out well! From here we talked about God, and influence and all great things! It was awesome hearing his point of view and getting to talk to another creative!

I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to work with him! (
Side note: My best friend has been watching Travie for a long time now. She was the one that gave me his email and said to contact him! I honestly didn't think he would write back, but I am happy that I took her advice and did!) It was cool seeing him Vlog and really give his all for something that I am interested in doing! 

It gave me some perspective, on what a life of vlogging looks like!

P.S. During the shoot, there was a fight that happened! (You can see it in the video) I was so caught off guard by the street fight that I spilled my Starbucks coffee all over my camera!!!!

I was so nervous about my camera being okay the whole time! Thank Goodness it is, I was praying the Lord the whole time worried! Hopefully, nothing wigs out down the road, but so far it looks okay!

From the shoot, I took the subway with Taylor and Xy to Mosaic Church! Down in Hollywood. 

Mosaic Adress:

 7107 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

What a great church. I met up with some friends there and had a blast! The pastor really knows how to speak to the heart of his congregation. It seems to me that everyone can realte and get somthing out of his messages.

I would defanitly recomend this church! 

After that we got some food and called it a night! As always attched images below so you can get the full picture of the trip! 

-XOXO Wozz