LA Day 5: Hollywood Sign


Exploring LA day 5:

Got lost trying to find the


Hit a Starbucks first thing in the morning as always! Then headed to the subway to get Taylor's check from work.(btw: I have never seen an all outdoor chick-ful-a before, it was pretty awesome)

Next, we went out eat. If I am going to be honestIy forgot the name of the restaurant!

Finally, we took an Uber to go hiking to the Hollywood sign, we ended up going to the wrong mountain and had to take another Uber in order to cross over to the right mountain. At that point, we still got dropped off in the wrong place and had to jump back into our old Uber and well bluffed our way up higher....

At this point, we were lost and tired, but I really wanted to see the Hollywood Sign. So Taylor and Xy (such troopers) Let me look up a spot on google maps that was supposed to be a good spot to take pictures of the sign! (it actually was and I tagged it in the location of this blog!)

Great place to take pictures of the Hollywood Sign Address below: 

6101 Mulholland Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90068

After deciding to walk up inclined streets for about 3 miles! We finally got to the Hollywood Sign, and yes IT WAS WORTH IT! I was so sweaty from the climb. I felt like I did not need to go to the gym for another three weeks that's how hard it was to climb up these streets. It was like doing the stair master for hours!

Below are images from the trip, and yes, of course, the Hollywood Sign.

I always thought there would be a fence around the sign...(Because of movies I had seen) but there was NO fence! It would have been very easy to hike up a couple of more hills to touch it. I would not dare with all the signs that were posted that let you know you would pay big bucks for doing so! Just wanted to inform you that it is possible! 

I hope you enjoy the images!