LA Day 8: Roof Top Exploration "Jesus Saves Sign" / Flying Home


Exploring LA Day 8: Takeover of rooftop exploration to get "Jesus Saves Sign" & Flying Home

I took an Uber over to Hollywood where my to friends live: Greg and Geoff (they are twins btw)

I met them in college at SEU and it was great being able to see them and hang out with them again! We took the bus, then the subway to get to downtown LA from Hollywood. Public Transportation is no joke over there! Let's just say I'm glad I was traveling with them!

When we got to downtown LA, of course, we had to hit up a Starbucks! 

From there we snuck up a roof top! Now thank God, Greg knew where he was going. When we got up there I photographed them and they photographed me in front of this beautiful "Jesus Saves" sign. On top of Ace Hotel.

Ace Hotel address:

 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

In a couple of blog posts back, I talked about how we got to the top of the Ace hotel and the sign was below us. It was too late at that point! The sun was setting and we couldn't get to another roof top to get a picture with it! 

That's okay though because I got to go back and explore with Greg and Geoff.

In the beginning of the shoot, a security guard came up and told us we had to leave...... some other kids were up there shooting and paid the man off!!!!

I couldn't belive it on top of that they said we were with them, how funny! So we ended up shooting there for longer! Exploring, climbing. leaning off the side of a little! Posing, and teaching Greg how to shoot manual. It was so much fun! Look at Geoffs killing modeling skills on top of it lol! 

From there we ate some food met up with Nadia to hang out for a little then she drove me to the airport! My six hours of fun in LA, last day memories went by like that! It was time to leave and I was so sad. Don't get me wrong I was very tried from the whole trip, I don't feel like I stopped once to breathe, but at the same time LA had my heart and I did not want to leave! 

When I got dropped off I felt a little less nervous to go through the airport, that was a plus. There was a side of me that was just so sad it was all over. I felt like I belonged there in a way. I do believe that if that was God is calling me to, I will be there soon enough!

Ciao Los Angeles

Until next time, a city full of opportunities

As always pictures below! 

-XOXO Wozz