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Isabella Costello "Photographer Shoot"

When Isabella contacted me about photographing her in her home, "about me images" to use for her website I felt so honored!

Isabella is a photographer as well, and shoots out of Tampa! Her home is stunning and her two little dogs are sooo cute!

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Madi Schied Senior Pictures

Another Stunning senior shoot! But, this time we got the beautiful west coast sunset inland! 

You never know if you will get the right lighting for a shoot day, but with Madi, we got just the right beautiful Florida glow. Leaving nice warm color tones, and rich darks! 

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LA Day 7: Random Mansion Photoshoot

Exploring LA Day 7: Random Mansion Photoshoot in LA with awesome new friends! 

I started off the day by getting ready with Pauletta (my model for the day) - I was shooting her dance pictures so that she has a portfolio of work as she auditions for companies or videos out in LA.

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