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Julia Jordan Senior Pictures

Another amazing senior shoot has hit the books! Julia drove an hour to sarasota for her senior pictures and its was so much fun! The way the flowers are blooming is amazing! Honestly it was just such a blast to get to know her!

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Chloe + Abby Senior Pictures " Cousin Time"

YES! You can do a senior shoot with your friends and I do have pricing packages for it! Split a shoot with your friend! These two cousins did it, and it turned out so cute! 

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Studio Part 2

While I was in college I took studio images / Made some gifs! 

I love working in the studio, and thought it would be a cool idea! If you love it let me know, and I will create some more! 

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Personal Smoke Bomb Shoot

I have been been dreaming about doing a smoke bomb shoot for a long time now! So much so that I bought the smoke bombs over a year ago, and let them sit in my room until just the right time. I did not want to waste them on anything less than greatness, and I also.... to be honest, did not have time to do an extravagant thought provoking shoot. In the end, I just decided to go for it! I have photographed Tiara before and thought she had the edgy stunning vibe I was looking for. 

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Lilly Wheeler

I have had the honor of photographing this little dance queen for about the last couple of years! She is a bundle of joy to work with! I can't wait to see her grow and develop into an amazing dancer! I mean do you see those leg extensions! 

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