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A.Lys Facials Brand Shoot

I had the lovely change to photograph for A.lys facials recently it was a blast being able to document this business in action! Getting hands on photographs of what they do in shop! I loved working with these woman its alway a joy!

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4.12.19 Schae's Senior Pictures

Such a bitter sweet end! I have had the chance to photograph beautiful Schaes for years now! Starting out with a dance shoot at ringling years ago! Leading into years of family pictures, portraits, dance photos, weddings and now Schaes senior shoot!

What better than fitting her personality perfectly. starting the shoot at taco bell! Then heading to the open road to get shots of her beautiful truck under the canopy! It was such a fun shoot day full excitement and memorizes!

Then we headed for the sand to get some florida sunset views with her senior dance costume!

Schea: I am so excited for you! The college adventures and memorize you are going to make! I will miss you and our fun shoots but I am so exited for this journey! I love you so much Schae it has been amazing to document you as you grow up you are such a nice beautiful woman! Your character is so lovely to be around love you!

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7.14.18 Sweet Paradise Club Miami Swimweek

Here’s an homage to Summer!

WOW! Can you believe today is the first day of September? Time definitely flew by! To celebrate these last few weeks of summer, I thought it would be perfect to share with you a swimwear piece that screams SUMMER!  

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7.13.18 Ama Bikini Miami Swim-week

Hey guys! 

I hope your weekend has been full of sunshine and relaxation! There is nothing better than soaking up some sun rays and reenergizing after a frenzied week. 

Speaking of sunshine, as many of you have already seen through my Instagram posts, I attended Miami Swim Week and had the opportunity to shoot for ama bikinis in MIAMI – one of the sunniest places in Florida!

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Fashion Forward October 2017

I had the amazing change, to go out with one of my friends recently and do a mini photoshoot! 

Granted, I am always behind the camera.... but some amazing brands sent me awesome products to try out that I wanted to share with you! 

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Cara + Justin Bowen // St. Petersburg Meet Up!

If I can give you some back story I have been following their creative journey for some time! I feel in love with Cara's wrist shots that she took for Pura Vida (that is how I found her.) I loved her tropical Instagram style and was so excited to see that she loved the Lord and had a heart for encouraging woman! 

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Soul Studios Dance Company 2016

Its that time of year again, everything is winding down! That means it is picture time! Capturing all of the stunning dances that you have worked so hard to perfect! This years shoot was so fun, posing each dance with different backgrounds, seeing what fit the costume and dance theme! 

 I am looking forward to watching this years dance recital. I will be a sad one, to know that it will be some of the seniors last times dancing on stage, but also such a joyous one seeing all these beautiful dances come to life! 

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