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Mya Blanco + Braiden Forsyth Senior Pictures

I had the chance to photograph two seniors from out of state while they where visiting the sarasota! We split up there shoot time and really explored different locations it was a blast! I love meeting my clients and getting the chance to hear everyones stories!

Don’t miss the sunset shots!


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Dalton Judge Senior Pictures

Dalton is such a beauty! Because of florida weather yet again we had to move her shoot date but it worked out great! We shot at the Yacht Club and really got to explore all locations! My favorite is when she is sitting in the white window cut out! I hope you enjoy these images and they give you inspo for your senior shoot!

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Natalya LaLiberty Senior Pictures

I shot Natayla recently and it was such a joy shooting her! We vibe instantly under sunny Florida light talking about college and more! It was so fun getting to know Natayla and being able to get those creamy sunset shots at the end do not miss those!

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6.21.17 Marisa Freedman

Marisa's mini shoot was awesome! Aside from living in Florida and having a billion bugs bite us. The shoot turned out great! I loved talking to Marisa and getting to know here! She is going to school to be a teacher! We need more great teachers within the school system! 

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Angela Bilter / Class of 2017

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to photograph the beautiful Angela Bilter! She drove from two hours away for the shoot and I couldn't be more thankful! 

During the shoot, I love to hear from my clients why they chose me. Asking them what they expect in their images! 

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