Tyler Burnham Senior Pictures


It’s not often that I shoot senior pictures for guys, but when I do, I have a blast! It gets me out of my element and challenges me to shoot different styles and tackle new locations.


...Let me rave about Tyler!

He was amazing and such a gentleman during his senior photo shoot! Tyler was not hesitant to try several poses and different locations. On the contrary, he was open to different ideas. We started the shoot in the locker room, then went to the weight room, and wrapped up on the football field. It was a really hot day -- like most days in the Sunshine State -- but he pushed through!  

After an hour into the shoot, I would say we captured amazing pictures. Check them out down below! It’s awesome when guys are willing to work hard in the shoot and smile the whole time. Tyler is honestly such a great guy to work with. I’m so thankful that he and his family have memories for a lifetime


Final Thoughts ♡

It’s always a pleasure shooting senior pictures. I enjoy listening to seniors express their passions, goals, and future endeavors after graduation. Giving them an opportunity to talk about their aspirations helps seniors get comfortable throughout the shoot and also allows you to incorporate these newfound elements into their photos!  There is truly something special about being able to create a memory that they will reminisce about later in their life.



The first question is by @kaitlyn_doolan:

“If you could shoot with one lens for the rest of your life what would it be?”

That’s a fantastic question! I would choose the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens without a doubt! This lens has been so faithful to me. I have been using it forever and I bring it with me to almost every shoot.


The next question is by @kcphotographysrq:

“What’s your favorite editing software? And what do you use to edit your IGTV videos?”

Hi there! I use Lightroom exclusively and Photoshop if I need to. To edit my IGTV videos, I use Wondershare! It was fun answering your questions if you have any other questions shoot me a DM!


KEEP ASKING! I love, love, love answering your questions! If you want your questions to be answered in future blog posts, DM me and I will answer them on my blog. You can also sound off in the comment section and I will be more than happy to give you any advice or photography tips!


-XOXO Christine & Alondra