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Parker Underwood Senior Pictures

Let new adventures begin!

Senior year in high school is an epic year - it is the year of transition and change.

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Bow's & Arrows- College Shoot


These beautiful images were captured at a high school here in Sarasota. But let me tell you, it was not easy shooting in certain areas of the school. We kept getting kicked out!

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Savannah West Senior Pictures

Happy Friday everyone, its the weekend, and you know what that means? Savannah West's Senior Pictures are finally here! 

A couple of weeks ago Savannah and I took a road trip to Lakeland. Fun talks in the car, and all sorts of stops through Lakeland. It was so much fun discovering awesome locations with this girl! Its great to get to know the seniors I am shooting. Savannah is such a fun bubbly lovable girl, that is going to do big things, watch out world! 

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Sara Barnhill Senior Pictures

Loving the summer time senior pictures! 

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