Bow's & Arrows- College Shoot


These beautiful images were captured at a high school here in Sarasota. But let me tell you, it was not easy shooting in certain areas of the school. We kept getting kicked out! This was such a challenge because I had to think of creative ways to make a dull scenery look stunning!

Thankfully, Chelsea was also at the shoot because without her we would have been a hot mess - shout out to her! I seriously love working with her, she truly knows how to overcome obstacles like a champ.

>> Chelsea, thank you for orchestrating all the outfits and directing the girls, it made my job so much easier! Thank you for also allowing me to take creative direction, it was super awesome. <<

I think I’ve already mentioned this on my Instagram, but photographing a group of people is a lot more complicated than it looks. You have to make sure that everyone is in the right pose with the right facial expression at the right time. Phew! it’s a lot of hard work.

However, these girls were amazing and worked hard during the shoot. On top of that, we had mutual respect for each other and that was the key element in making this a successful photo shoot. Thank you, girls, for all the effort you put in, this shoot wouldn’t have been successful without everyone’s dedication.

Lastly, shout out to my dad for helping us throughout the day! He helped us get in and out of doors and was also our security. You’re the bomb dad, thank you for being my photo shoot sidekick!

P.S. Who’s been watching college football? Comment below your favorite team!

-XOXO Christine & Alondra