Kara Carpenter Maternity Shoot


As photographers, we tend to groan when we see the skies getting darker and hear the roars of thunder. No one likes to reschedule their shoot or risk shooting in bad lighting -- trust me I know!

Here in Florida, we have this lovely thing where it rains one minute and it’s sunny the next. The unpredictability makes it hard to decide whether to cancel a shoot or to go through with a shoot and risk getting a free shower by mother nature - along with bad images.

I was actually faced with this decision a couple of weeks ago for a maternity shoot with Kara and her husband. We almost canceled the shoot because of the rain! However, we decided to get ahead of the storm and squeeze in their shoot. They chose an amazing location for their pictures. I actually never shot at this location before, so I was taken back by the beauty of this place and could not wait to edit the pictures!

During the shoot, it was a bit cloudy and dark so the images didn’t come out as bright as they typically are. My edits for this shoot are a little moodier than usual -- and honestly? I absolutely love the tones in these images!

To answer the question of my blog’s title, I would say to shoot. It certainly depends on the severity of the weather and your camera equipment. So, I advise you to trust your judgment based on the situation you are in.


This couple right here has bomb marriage advice! I honestly learned a lot from them - can you tell I am getting antsy for my wedding? Haha. They truly work on their marriage and their love for each other radiates in these photos. They’re such a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy flourish.

Overall, the shoot was a hit! They knew how to pose on their own, Kara had on a STUNNING dress and their love story is amazing. They did such a great job!

-XOXO Christine & Alondra