Macey Miller Portrait Shoot for Business


Macey Miller is simply a creative genius! I found her through Kayley and Nicole (shout out to them). Ever since we connected, it has been such a joy.

What I love about Macey is that she genuinely cares about my photography business and wanted to help me cultivate something that I am truly passionate about. Her expertise and care truly reflect on my website. Every detail and design was carefully made with my photography business goals in mind.

You may be thinking, “Christine, don’t you know how to create websites?” The answer is yes. I actually have a degree in graphic design, so I totally know how to create and update websites. But here are some reasons why Macey Miller jumped in on the update:

  1. I postponed updating my website for so long that I needed help jump starting it


  2. I was struggling to find the perfect design and theme that fit my business needs

Honestly, having Macey help me update my website has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Her expertise took my website to another level and I am so thankful!

Macey, you’re awesome, thank you for all your hard work! Here are some pictures of Macey below. I recently shot with her in Orlando, so stay tuned for some new content!

P.S. If you need website help, don’t hesitate in contacting her! She is super amazing at what she does.

XOXO Christine & Alondra