LA Day 2


Exploring LA Day 2: 

I started my first full day in LA by surprising Taylor. (Side note: I ruined the surprise by posting it on social media. I thought I had blocked her but I missed one of my accounts and she saw it.) 

Taylor was still a champ and still happy I was there! This day was the most jam-packed day of them all! We started by going out to eat at "EAT" It was really good. Such quality food. Then Taylor + Xy rented a car so they could show me the Sana Monica pier.

From there we went to the go cart track to race! After the first race, we were all done. It was really hard and scary. So we decided to call quits and went home to change.

We traveled to Sana Monica Pier. It felt like such a long drive. Once we got there we walked around for awhile and took some pics. I could not believe the mountains in LA. You have to remember I am used to seeing so much flat land living in Florida. 

From there we went to this AMAZING Gelato on a stick ice cream shop! Best ice cream of my life! It was called "Stick House" 

Stick House Adress:

 223 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

If I could recommend one location near the pier to get a little treat it would be there! Best experience ever! 

From there we tried to take pictures in front of the "JESUS SAVES" sign but failed to find it before the sunset.... we ended up standing right over it. What a bummmmmerrrr!!! 

(Side notes: I did get pics in front of the sign my last day, before leaving LA to show you those images in another blog post.) 

Then...(Yes there is more.) We went out to eat to this really bolshie restaurant.... I will just say I was still hungry after. lol. 


We went to the top of a hill (Almost got hit by a car, and died), but finally ended up watching the city lights. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. The city lights were twinkling underneath us. I felt like I was on top of the world. 

I felt so overwhelmed and joyed at that moment. Again who am I to be so blessed to live this life full of adventure that I do. I sat on the top of that mountain so thankful for the mountains that God has moved in my life to get me to this point. I am forever grateful for this crazy spontaneous journey He took me on. LA welcomed me with opened arms that first day, and I am forever in awe. 

Below are images from this day:

- Love Always