LA Day 1


Exploring LA Day 1

I'm doing something so unexpected and out of character…I'm flying out to LA

I got the call a month ago from my childhood best friend's boyfriend asking me to fly out to LA for her birthday. I said yes, not really thinking before I said it. It's Los Angeles I mean why wouldn't I want to go! 

Next thing you know I'm up till 7am not sleeping at all thinking about how I would make it work. "Where would I sleep? Who's picking me up from the airport? How much money do I need? How would I get around? Can I meet up with artists out there? What do I wanna do while I'm there" 

A million and ten things were running through my head. 

lf you don't know by now I'm a planner.  "Big time" I like to know all the details and down to a point. 

The thing is I did not have a lot of details. Other than a plain ticket and visiting Tay! 

To sum it up, I WAS SCARED!!! I had never traveled across the country let alone BY MYSELF!   

I had only been to Connecticut..... going across the country was a crazy concept! I decided that I wouldn't let fear rule me and just go for it!  

Being here now I am so thankful I did! Getting to my flight was a little intimidating but the Lord brought two great people to me that day! It was great seeing friends while I was nervous about traveling! 

Once in LA Paullet picked me up, and we went out to eat to "crave" and looked around town a little! 

Let's just say I have never seen so much plant life and mountains in my life! 

Here are some images of Day 1  traveling and exploring!