Dustin + Caroline Paas // Engagement Images


I have missed taking engagement images! 

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to photograph these two! Our original shoot got canceled because of the rain... (It seriously rains every day in Florida during summer time. I had to move about four shoot's because of the rain!)

It ended up working out great! We got to shoot on a bright and beautiful sunny day! Caroline wanted to shoot at a canopy road. I don't know many in Sarasota, but did know of some locations in Tampa!

Low and behold, Caroline found a beautiful canopy road right near my house! How have a lived in SRQ my whole life and not know about this road? I'm not sure, but I am so thankful she found it! 

We started the shoot surrounded my beautiful big tree's and ended by the ocean, near downtown Sarasota! What a day!! 

P.s: Another awesome surprise that really made the shoot beautifully and different was they brought their dog for the pictures! How cute! 

As always, I posted the images below. I hope you enjoy them! 

Happy Monday