Soho Apparel Product Shots


I’m thrilled to announce that I am working with an awesome new brand called Soho apparel! The owner is Kayley and I am so honored to work with her and her brand. I truly enjoy jumping on new projects and shooting the owner’s vision for the brand! 

The upcoming project for Soho apparel is a huge lifestyle shoot that will be on rooftops! I’m so excited for the upcoming shoot, I will keep you guys updated on the details of this project! Make sure you stay tuned for the shoot! 

Also, make sure you go check out their latest outfits down below! We recently shot these outfits on a white background rooftop! I absolutely love doing product brands that are outside of the box. It’s easy to slip into the comfort of shooting models standing in front of a wall or getting close up shots of the product.

There’s nothing wrong with these types of shots, however, choosing different locations and shooting styles challenges me to creatively and beautifully shoot products. When shoots are outside the box, the model’s lifestyle and personality illuminate through the image, which is also an important element to a photo! 

I hope you enjoy the most recent photos! These new workouts are coming out soon, go follow Soho apparel so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to shop for cute workout clothes! ♡



One of the questions this week was by @youngyris:

“What did you major in? I'm still debating whether I should do photography."

Hey girl! I majored in Graphic Design and minored in Theology. Deciding your major is a MAJOR decision! I would recommend going to photography conventions and interning with photographers. I think these experiences would help you make your decision! Let me know what you end up deciding. I am always here to give you any tips and advice on photography. ♡



-XOXO Christine & Alondra